Does the camper fit on any size truck?

Yes, we build for most makes and models.

What kind of canvas do you use?

We use a waterproof and UV resistant fabric that is breathable and mold resistant.

Can you manually raise and lower the roof?

In the rare event of complete electrical failure (lightning strike, as an example) you can unhook the actuators to lower or raise the camper top manually.

If something happens while I’m out camping, how serviceable is the camper?

We build these campers, so if there’s a failure in the master switch, there’s a secondary master switch. If the control fails, two backup switches control each actuator. In the event of an actuator failure, the actuator is mounted on quick-release pins, only one of which needs to be removed to lower the roof. We’ve thought through all the possible situations, so you don’t have to!

How long does it take to set up and take down the camper?

It takes approximately 45 seconds to pop up the camper.

How will the camper affect my gas mileage?

Like all pop-top campers, it will affect your gas mileage. But that comes with having a sweet rig!

Is the camper removable?

The camper is completely removable and depending on the truck, is mounted in the utility tracks or thru-bolted.

How big is the bed inside the camper?

50″ wide by 78″ long (Two inches longer than a full mattress).

How much weight can you put on the roof when it is popped up?

300 lbs or about 7 whitewater kayaks.

How much does the base unit weigh?

400 lbs or about 864 hamburgers.

Is the camper insulated?

We offer an insulated liner for the canvas to make camping comfy in cold weather. Our composite panels are rated at R5.

Can I keep my tailgate?

Yes, unless you upgrade to one of our other backdoor options!

Can I use my own portable power system to operate and power the camper?

No, the motor drivers that power the lift of the pop top require a specific amperage draw higher than most off-the-shelf units are capable of producing.

Will this work with EV trucks?

Yes, we will build for EV. The camper will operate off the vehicle utilizing the truck’s battery.

Are there any optional upgrades?

Yes! In the nav menu under the ‘The Campers’ item, there is a link to the Create your Build page. Here you can explore your build options and upgrades. Once you’ve finalized your build, you can send a copy to your email! Optional upgrades are as simple as solar to full kitchen build-outs. 

What do I need to do to my truck before the camper is installed?

We ask that you bring us a clean empty truck bed, and if you’re in a quarter-ton truck, we recommend upgrading your suspension prior to installation.