Our Story

Hower Built specializes in custom fabricated Pop top campers. There is great attention to detail and exacting craftsmanship you can expect whatever your version of build to be done right.

It all started with a guy named Colin asking his dad to help him make a pop top camper for his Toyota Tundra.

With his degree in Outdoor Education and Resources, Colin was an avid explorer. He spent most of his 20’s as a rock climbing guide and whitewater kayaker. As most outdoor enthusiasts do, he was always dreaming up the perfect camping vehicle. Something quick and easy, but durable so he could take it down any road.

A cabinet maker by trade, Colin partnered up with his dad Bradley, a graphic design artist, passionate woodworker and sailboat builder. Together they completed Prototype 1 for the Tundra and it was a success! By then, they had caught the bug and knew they were onto something. Once you pop, you just can’t stop.

A true car guy, Colin found a surprisingly rust-free 1991 Land Rover Defender HCPU 110 in England. He knew this would be the ultimate overlanding platform for Prototype 2. The goal was to build a canopy that would serve as camper, while still allowing the truck to be a truck during the work week. Once the weekend rolled around, you’d simply swap the tools for the camping gear and hit the road.

They were also fed up with loading and unloading gear, like kayaks, from the roof. So it was crucial that Prototype 2 have a high weight capacity…350 pounds to be exact. WITH the pop top raised! That’s exactly what they accomplished, but of course they couldn’t stop there. He received so much positive feedback that he realized it was time to start developing a camper that could be made for (almost) any truck.

Work began on Prototype 3. Fit to a Toyota Tacoma, it’s the closest to the V2 you see today. This is where the details really came together, like custom extruded frames, solid rivet construction, updated lift assembly, updated lighting, and an updated controller. These fine-tuned details are what make the Hower Built camper the innovative, durable, and lightweight camper it is today.